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GPS Coordinates: -28.461706, 21.241883

Quality vehicles, excellent customer service and peace of mind motoring are core to the values of Gordonia Motors Opel Upington.

New & Used Vehicles

We stock the full range of Opel cars in our dealerships that are based in the Northern Cape.

We also offer a variety of finance options to make purchasing your vehicle, new or used, that much easier. We also have additional value-added-products to ensure you have peace-of-mind motoring.

After-Sales Care

At Gordonia Motors Opel Upington we are dedicated to ensuring our customers have an unbeatable experience with us that is personal and unique. Our after-sales team carries through this philosophy. Our service department is full of well-trained technicians that get our customers back on the road as quickly as possible. We also have a parts and accessories department that dedicates themselves to sourcing your requirements as quickly as possible.

Vehicle Rentals

Do you need to rent a vehicle short or long term? We have everything from small passenger cars to large commercial vehicles at reasonable rates.

Opel. Wir leben Autos.

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Gordonia Motors Upington
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